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You’re totally hot,
when I’m ice cold.
You set my skin on fire.
You’re my peanut butter,
to my jelly.
When I would always hear your soft, gentle voice
in my own harsh, stubborn head,
“You have to eat.”
as I’d stare at the inedible hospital food in front of me,
awash in my own
and other people’s sickness, and death-to-me emotions.
I would hear you and comprehend it,
regardless of how thin and wan I utterly am.
You un-drained
my clog.
You’re my own empath,
and I feel you inside me every night.
I can let you go now,
grasping that you’ll never leave me.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 4 3
Overcome Soul
You’re my lost soul.
I want you to come to me.
My heart begs and begs for you.
You light me up like an electric chair.
I’d die for you.
I ache to take a knife and slit my wrists
till all the blood ran to where you are.
At night I tremble for your touch.
I hunger to drip my saliva all over your body,
staining you with my scarlet letter.
I want to suck you dry of your heart.
Take you in the darkness of night and bury you by my side forever.
I long to see you again.
I want you to come to me.
You’re my lost soul.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 2 0
Born That Way
I was born with a broken heart.
Misshapen and chipped; not quite right.
But fiery!
My heart beating wildly in my chest
As I had such fiery passion in my younger years.
But I burned myself out too quickly, I suppose…
My heart is just cold, dead ash now.
There’s no sound to it anymore.
I was born with a broken heart—
Now it’s just shattered.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 3 2
Desert Hell
What happened to my lush green against baby powder blue skies?
The clear blue waters that I’ve grown up devoted to?
I’ve been thrust into this rocky hell that I despise.
I’m angry and down-hearted as all hell.
The dry, desert sun has parched all my dreams.
The vibrant colors are now gone from my life.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 4 0
You’re a ghost that haunts me now—
I can’t grasp you.
And I’m a hollow shell of what I used to be.
You’re never around when I need you.
I’m waiting for you on this pointless plane of existence.
I’m as white and thin as a sheet.
Come home to me.
But you’re a ghost that haunts me now—
And I can’t grasp you.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 1 0
Free My Love
My soul was floating, drifting on airs,
Before you ripped it from the sky.
Where are you now?
My heart is set afire
When you finally return to me.
But I loathe being dependent on you.
I despise it with my very soul.
You’ll vanish again,
Leaving me to my utter abandonment.
But for now, I swim in unnatural bliss.
But I’m faded from the sunlight.
It makes me cringe.
Free my love.
Stop driving me back to you.
Break the chains from these asylum walls.
I’m a prisoner.
And there’s always a tomorrow to go through
These shackles all over again.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 1 0
How can I say this without breaking?
I’m literally on the floor, shattered in pieces.
My pale, sick mouth has nothing more to say.
My tongue has turned to dust.
And it’s choking me; I’m paralyzed.
I loathe the World, and how we all live in pain and sickness,
And that’s just the way of things.
We’re all alone in our afflictions.
There’s no cure for that Sickness.
My soul is in torture, and there are no words, or nothing to alleviate it.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 2 0
Uncreative Mess
The cursor mocks me,
blinking at me with its glaring expectancy.  
I can’t get the words out.
My mouth and brain are dried up.  
My mouth opens to speak
and blank emptiness sticks to me like ebon ink.
I’ve lost my enchantment with the written word.
They’re all run-on sentences now with no value or worth.
Significance has been robbed away in the night.
I’m washed up on the shores of nowhere and can’t be released
from this prison of unsaid validity.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 4 0
Mature content
Rough and Dirty :iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 3 4
Black Ashes
That’s the color for you.
The color of your hair that you fix so diligently.
The color of your eyes that stared at me with such intensity.
The color of your heart that you forced onto me so recklessly.
Black ashes surround me now,
and I cough from the fine dust.
They permeate the cold air,
and I can’t breathe anymore.
You’ve gotten inside me.
You’re in my lungs.
You’re in my being,
and I’ve become black ash.
I want to burn this whole world down,
and see the black ashes fall
gently down all around your soul.
Then you’d know what I’ve been through.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 4 0
Mature content
Carnal Desire :iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 3 5
How Does Your Garden Grow
You left me in the cold rain
You left me with a huge hole soul in my soul,
and it can’t be filled.
I drag it around wherever I go.
Flowers wither and die,
No matter how often you care and tend for them.
Time doesn’t care about your pain.
Time will not stop for your broken heart.
It goes on in vain.
Turning into cold rain.
You left me with a huge hole soul in my soul,
and it can’t be filled.
I drag it around wherever I go.
Flowers wither and die,
No matter how often you care and tend for them.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 0 0
Good Conversational Piece
You were a good conversation
with a cup of coffee.
You were always such a charming talker.
But the joys of this world are so fleeting.
It was merely a moment.
Regrets and tears seem to reign on for forever.
Oh Babe, I’ll always love you.
You’re my soul mate.
If you gave me your hand I’d pull you over.
Yet I can’t be with you.
You’re so disillusioned by all your addictions and mind games.
It tears me apart.
Love is watching someone you love die.
But we had our piece of a moment.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 0 0
Illness Woes
You broke me.
I can’t live anymore.
You took my life.
Does that make you happy?
Because of you I can’t wake up without tears pouring down my face because I’m still alive.
I can’t eat without wanting to throw-up afterwards because my brain tells my skinny body I’m fat.
I can’t leave the house without massive anxiety sweating down my body.
Because of you I have to swallow a pill so I can continue on with my day.
Because of you I cut and bleed myself dry, and I enjoy it.
I bruise my legs senselessly, and I get off on it.
I cry over trivial things every day and I can’t stop.
Because of you I’m in pain every day.
Because of you I have all these scars that will never close.
Because of you I’m scared to even be loved.
Because of you I can’t be who I wanted to be.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 3 0
Inside Disorder
The sunlight peeks through my window,
as the morning light infiltrates through.
I wither in agony.
In the dark,
where all the shadows and spiders live
is where I hide.
I cannot go outside.
The sun burns my eyes.
The warm breeze provokes my skin.
My deplorable obsession chews away at my insides.
It had defeated my heart.
It has shattered my soul.
But I am safe and protected
The Dark Shadows.
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 2 0
Loves Loaded Gun
The shot rang out clear way to Hell and back
As I fell down.
My baby left me for dead.
He took the gun in his tender hand
and shot me down without a moment’s falter.
I felt my heart rip open.
As I lay here bleeding to death,
He left without a backward glance.
I lost my chance.
I lost my life that day.
Now I’m dead, and don’t know why…
I guess that’s just God’s way
of saying everyone has to die.
Nothing lasts forever,
Not even Love…
Because it all starts, and always ends, with a
:iconangeleyes2480:angeleyes2480 2 4

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So many talented artists, so little time...!!!


  • Listening to: Adele 21
  • Reading: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
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So another holiday season is upon us. AND it's Friday the 13th today! :iconevilgrinplz: I believe I just saw Jason running buck-naked through my window! :chainsaw: :iconnoesplz: :iconimgrinningplz:

So Happy Holidays to all you guys! I hope you all have a good one! And a happy 2014! For those of you who know me this is not my favorite time of year... :icongrinchplz:  It's just so commercialized and materialized it's beyond me now. :roll: And I'm not a family person, so I have that working against me. I'd rather just stay home in my jammies, snuggled up with a good book, watching "It's A Wonderful Life" ALL BY MYSELF! :woohoo: But no, I gotta be sweet and nice and dutiful person and go see the fam. EIY! :X

Anyway, what are you going to do?  I guess I'll survive somehow... That chainsaw looks kind of good right about now though... :chainsaw:

Take care guys!  Peace, happiness, and most importantly, love!!


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United States
He was a thorny, prickled Prince
I was nothing but a grave...

A grim fairytale of epic proportions.

Current Residence: Kenosha, WI
Favourite genre of music: Rock mostly, but I'm a sucker for love songs too!
Favourite style of art: Anime, fantasy, oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, anything that has that "paint" smell
Operating System: HP Touch Smart
MP3 player of choice: What's an MP3?? *Nervous look* Sounds pretty lethal to me...
Shell of choice: Being in a library forever, or a musuem. Yeah, I could live in a museum... :D
Wallpaper of choice: Vampires, fairies, demons, angels, and complex-love couples!
Skin of choice: The soft, subtle kind
Favourite cartoon character: Donald Duck, Johnny Bravo, The Joker and Harley Quinn, Pucca, Gennosuke from Basilisk(he's so honerable!), and Inuyasha
Personal Quote: "Whatever tickles your pickle..."


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